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Who the jeff is Keith? And what's he looking at?

So, I could have simply called my company Alison Hockley Ltd. But there'd be no smirk each time I say it aloud to a new client. In truth, that's the main reason I chose the name; it made me laugh. But there are a few more boring reasons too. On a marketing-wank-scale they score pretty highly, I reckon. Well done me. Want to hear them? Of course you do. Number 1: The best marketing gets individuals (let's call them "people") excited enough to tell their mates about a brand/product/whatever it is you're selling. Number 2: It's what Andy Warhol allegedly said to Keith Haring when he encountered the first ever Apple Mac at a party: "Look at this, Keith, it's amazing". Number 3: It's a line from one of my favourite films. And if you can tell me which film, I'll give you a whopping 10% off my freelance rates. Yes.